Water based adhesive for foam lamination Wholesale


Water based adhesive for foam lamination

RF-9822-2H It is a water-based sponge spray adhesive, which replaces the traditional oil-based adhesive.

This product is mainly used in the
manufacture of soft furniture such as sofas, mattresses, seats, leather goods, and other soft furniture.

It is suitable for lamination of various
densities of sponge and flannel, leather, fabric, recycled leather, cloth, non-woven and other materials, with excellent bonding strength.

Water-based laminating adhesive, no aldehyde, no benzene, good safety, in line with EU environmental protection requirements;

It has excellent peel strength, is not easy to degumming, and has strong adhesion;

It is not easy to block the spray gun when spraying

Strong versatility, suitable for various sponges and various fabrics;

Can be directly used in spraying process, easy construction

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