Cementitious mixture Fireproofing Wholesale


Cementitious mixture Fireproofing

Providing safety and peace of mind in today’s modern construction is priceless.

Sprayed on fireproofing systems play an important role when it comes to providing a cost-effective approach to meet the hourly ratings required by building codes and insurance companies. 

Spray-applied fireproofing products are the most common types of fireproofing materials. Spray-applied fireproofing can either be cementitious fireproofing (typically gypsum based, wet mix formulation) or sprayed fiber fireproofing (mineral wool fiber with a Portland cement-based binder, dry mix formulation).

Spray-applied materials come in standard density for concealed applications and medium or high density for exposed applications where the fireproofing is constantly subject to abuse and/or moisture.

Cementitious fireproofing is a flame retardant spray primarily used on hidden structural steel members to facilitate safe egress during a fire. Fireproofing materials come in a variety of density and can be applied in thicknesses to meet a 4 hour fire rating.

Benefits of Cementitious Coatings
Easily applied by spray or trowel
Lightweight – one-third the weight of concrete for equal fire protection
Excellent physical properties – hard & durable
Cost effective