Flame retardant for curtain fabric Wholesale


Flame retardant for curtain fabric

RF-2083A Efficient Flame Retardant For Textile Coating
High Efficiency Flame Retardant Slurry
RF-2083A fire resistant flame retardant chemical is a composite  system. Its main ingredient is halogen-containing flame retardant 
which meets the environmental requirements. 
The suitable amount of flame-retardant aid, synergist are also added, along with a special production process in odor to achieve the 
excellent flame retardant effect.
This flame retardant product is particularly suitable for textile coating which has waterborne acrylic emulsion and waterborne 
polyurethane emulsion as a binder. 
And it also can be used in work clothes, tent fabrics, and suspension decorative fabric coatings in various finishing processes such 
as foam coating, shading coating, and composite coating. 

It can be used in conjunction with our RF-2084A of our company.
• Unique formulation system. 
• When used in conjunction with emulsion, it shows good compatibility, with little impact on the adhesive property of the 
emulsion itself.
• Excellent flame retardant effects can be achieved by adding 
small amount of product.
• Excellent covering effects, with little impact on the hand feeling of products.
• Excellent smoke suppression.
• Eco-friendly, free of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs), in compliance 
with environmental standards of RoHS, REACH.

RF-8208B Textile Emulsion
100% Acrylate Polymer Emulsion
RF-8208B is an anionic self-crosslinking pure acrylate polymer emulsion specially developed for durable and long-lasting foam
It can be used in blackout curtain fabrics, furnishing and decorative textile components, non-woven adhesives, sofa fabric coat
ings, etc.
•Excellent adhesion and bonding strength for synthetic fibers
•Good elastic resilience under low temperature
•The coated film is soft and smooth, with a very good hand feel
•High whiteness, not easy to turn yellow
•Eco-friendly, low odor

RF-8014C slip agent
RF-8014C slip agent is a silicone coating surface slip anti-sticking agent, mainly used for the smooth and anti-stick finishing of various
textile coating surfaces. This product is suitable for the scraping process. With a low surface coating amount and high temperature
drying, it can achieve excellent slippage and anti-sticking effects.
1 . It has excellent smoothness and anti-sticking effect;
2 . With a small amount, a certain amount of coating can
achieve better results;
3 . High temperature resistance, not easy to yellow, and good
4. It does not have the covering effect. For the scratched product, it
has a certain deepening and brightening effect after treatment.

RF-103D Titanium dioxide

1,Product introduction
RF-103D is a rutile titanium dioxide slurry, which was developed by our company
based on the characteristics of various textile emulsions and the particularity of
the coating process. It is specially used for foaming finishing coatings on various
types of decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics, and sofa fabrics. layer. 2,product performance
1. It has a unique formula system, good storage stability, not easy to stratify
and precipitate.
2. Excellent compatibility with emulsion, uniform and fine film formation, good
gloss of cloth surface and good film fastness.
3. With good hiding power, it can completely replace titanium dioxide, avoid
dispersion and beating, and simplify the production process.
4. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy and safe to operate.

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