Laser film laminate adhesive Wholesale


Laser film laminate adhesive

1. Product introduction
RF-9808 is a professional water-based adhesive for various packaging materials such as laser film/plastic, laser film/aluminum coating, laser film/cardboard, etc.

This product has the characteristics of good transparency, good wettability, high initial adhesion and peel strength, and easy embossing.

It is especially suitable for high-speed lamination processing of plastic/plastic, paper/plastic, aluminum plating and aluminum foil with laser.

2. Product performance
1. RF-9808 is a water-based acrylate polymer water-based adhesive, which is a pollution-free, non-flammable and explosive product;

2. The RF-9808 adhesive layer has good transparency and high gloss after drying, and the finished product after lamination has higher brightness than solvent-based glue;

3. RF-9808 has high lamination strength, and can be applied to zipper bag products after adding curing agent;

4. The product after RF-9808 cladding has good softness, which is especially suitable for solving the quality problem of the transfer of aluminized structure;

5. RF-9808 is especially suitable for laser BOPP/PET/cardboard/PE/aluminized film and other structures, and can be embossed;

6. RF-9808 is suitable for a variety of food packaging, medicine, cigarette packaging products, please do a good job of testing before use.

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