Flame retardant for UNHCR tent Wholesale


Flame retardant for UNHCR tent

Flame retardant for UNHCR tent fabric coating

This flame retardant compounds RF-20210835-1 have performance of  flame retardant, UV resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance. 

RF-20210835-1 is a high-efficiency flame-retardant adhesive developed by our company based on the characteristics of tent fabrics.

It does not contain non-environmentally friendly flame retardants such as polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.

It is suitable for the flame retardant of common tent fabrics such as polyester-cotton cloth, cotton cloth, Oxford cloth, elastic silk cloth and so on.

1. It has excellent permanent flame-retardant effect, and a certain amount of glue can pass the flame-retardant standards such as CPAI-84;

2. Strong binding force with various fibers and good bonding fastness;

3. Good compatibility with color paste and good color development performance;

4. Green and environmental protection, in line with RoHS and REACH regulations.

Here is our process:
First: mixing proportion: RF-20210835-1 : water = 10: 1; (NO MEG)
Second: Cut a piece of raw fabric, check weight.
Third: Drying the raw fabric 30 seconds under 130 ℃; (to avoid humid)
Fourth: Single dipping coating, drying 2 minutes under 130 ℃;
Fifth: Check the coated fabric weight;  Calculated coating ratio = 33%;

After test the coated fabric under CPAI-84 Flame retardant standard, it resulted:
After Flame: 0.1 sec- PASS
Glow Time: 50 s- PASS
Char Length : 65 mm - PASS
We have flame retardant for tent:
RF-20221021-2 , dipping coating, flame retardant  
RF-20221021-3 , dipping coating, flame retardant  + UV resistance + Rot resistance 
RF-6329F-1 , dipping coating, flame retardant  + UV resistance + Rot resistance + waterproof 

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