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Temporary Protection Gel

Tear-off Temporary protective film  

Before large-scale construction projects are carried out, it is necessary to protect the fragile glass and scratched metal equipment with film protection. However, did you encounter the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive fitting of special-shaped objects and metal gaps?


RF-8888 Weather resistant tear-off protective film  

RF-8888 is a liquid. Apply the product on the surface of metal, glass, ceramic, paint, plastic, etc. The membrane body has the function of anti-scratch, anti-wear, anti-dustand cleaning protection. The membrane body has good solvent resistance, grease resistance, rain-water resistance. Withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

The membrane body has the characteristics of anti sticking in summer, no brittle in winter, no residual glue after cleaning, It is especially suitable for long-term weather resistant protection in indoor and outdoor natural environment.

Typical USES such as: glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, stainless steel parts, automobile transportation protection, elevator engineering, glass steel products, metal rust prevention, large construction machinery, spray booth and other resistance protection.


  1. Water-based formula, non-toxic and odorless;
  2. Non-heavy metal, halogen free, SGS, RoHs standard;
  3. The protection period under natural environment can be more than two years;

4, can be used on the metal surface, paint surface, after the tear of the film body stripping without residual;

5, according to 10 silk coating thickness, 1 kg can be sprayed about 15-20 square meters;

6, labor cost saving, especially in the special-shaped material on both sides to save the cost of raw materials;

7, Overcome the aging resistance of traditional lamination



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