Wood fireproof paint Wholesale


Wood fireproof paint

RF-7000A/RF-7000B is a kind of two-component water-based intumescent fireproof coating. It can form a fire-retardant insolation layer on the surface of most foam or porous substrates, such as timber, sponge and polystyrene board. When a fire source is close to the coating, which will swell rapidly, a protective coke layer will be formed to cut off the fire and protect the substrates.

Usage method:

First,Remove dirt and oil contaminant the surface of substrates.

Second,Stir RF-7000A/7000B evenly before use.

Then,Ratio: RF-7000A:RF-7000B=1:3 (based on weight). Mix well after preparation.

Finally,Process: adopt the roller coating, with an amount not exceeding 250g/m2 on each layer. Don’t proceed unless the previous coating is fully dry.

The following experimental process of this product:

Remark: A / B/C are the experimental phenomenon after treatment with this product, D is the untreated experimental phenomenon

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