SBR for well cementing

SBR for well cementing

RF-9609 Styrene butadiene latex for well cementing

An aqueous dispersion of polymer copolymer made from butadiene, styrene and unsaturated carboxylic acid through emulsion polymerization.

It has high stability, good compatibility with cement slurry, and good adhesion between oily and watery interfaces. After the hydration of the latex cement slurry is completed, a dense non-permeable system can be formed to effectively control water loss.

It can improve the elasticity and compressive strength of cement stone strength of cement stone. Effectively reduce the cracking degree of cement surface during perforation. It can improve the ability of cement stone to resist fluid corrosion in wells and improve the durability of cement stone.

The scope of application:

As a cement fluid loss agent, it is used in oil exploration and cementing construction, road and bridge repair, etc.

Instructions for use: It can be used in conjunction with our matching products for better performance.

Supporting series of products: RF-9609-1 latex stabilizer, RF-9609-2 latex defoamer, RF-9609-3 water loss agent, RF-9609-4 low temperature expansion agent, RF-9609-5 drilling flushing fluid.