Dust suppression binder Wholesale


Dust suppression binder

we understand that dust can create serious health and environmental issues for your mining operation. Without the proper dust control solution, challenges with dust can strain your bottom-line results. 

This product is a water-soluble emulsion resin copolymerized by vinyl acetate and acrylate. The outstanding characteristics of this product are lower glass
conversion temperature (Tg), excellent chemical stability, high resistance to alkalinity. This product has a wide applicability, excellent dispersion and
compatibility with cement, variety of pigments and fillers,high bearing capacity. The waterproof coating made by mixing this product with cement
has high elasticity, strong resilience, excellent resistance to water and aging, and good dispersion and construction performance for various powders. Dust suppressant is an environmentally friendly, versatile liquid soil additive. 

It is mixed with water and used to control and man- age different soil conditions.

In sufficient quantities, RF-8130 dust suppressant can effectively eliminate or prevent the following problems: paved and unpaved roadbed damage, dust pollution. In the process of soil application, simply dilute the RF-8130 dust suppressant and distribute it over the coverage in sufficient doses to glue the traffic base together and turn it into a solid that holds soil particles tightly together.

When the wear surface is applied to the RF-8130 dust suppressant stable substrate, the life cycle of the road will be extended, and it will greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and reconstruction. It can also be mixed with RF- 8130 dust suppressant to achieve better adhesion.


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