Abrasive paper binder Wholesale


Abrasive paper binder

RF-8243 is acrylic emulsion, the drying film is soft, suitable for lining, home decoration, medical inspection, bikitt and other non-woven fabric coating with high requirements for softness and washing resistance.

Features and Benefits

This product has high elongation, good resistance to washing and dry cleaning, has a certain toughness, non-woven cloth can form a soft film, mixed with other latex, can form a suitable hardness of the product, while maintaining high washable. High mechanical stability, can be sprayed, scratched, impregnated use. It has good compatibility with phenolic resin and can disperse evenly with resin.

 Typical Properties1)


Typical Values


Milky white liquid

Solid content, wt%

44.0 ± 1


6.0 - 8.0

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

- 20 °C

Viscosity (Brookfield LV, spindle 2 @ 30rpm, 25°C)

≤150 cps


1)Please note that the values shown are typical values for your guidance. They are not to be taken as specifications and are subject to certain variability. Please consult the sales specifications for details.

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