Thickener Wholesale



RF-860C Thickener
RF-860C is an anionic hydrophobically modified alkali swelling
thickener, which can effectively improve the mid-shear viscosity, and
effectively improve the fluidity and leveling of the system. It can be
used alone or in conjunction with other thickeners in latex paint
formulations, and has good compatibility with various emulsions.
1. Very low odor
2. Good fluidity and leveling
3. Excellent splash resistance
4. Has good thermal stability
5. Good anti-microbial and enzyme attack performance
RF-860C is a low-viscosity liquid thickener, easy to add.
Before adding, adjust the pH value of the system to 8-9, and then
dilute it with water according to 1:4 and add slowly.
Based on the different characteristics of different emulsions and the
difference in the amount of addition, the amount needs to be adjusted
according to the viscosity of the final product. The recommended
amount is 3-5% of the formula quality (measured in the form of
supply). The accurate addition amount should be carried out before
the paint is mixed. Preliminary experiment to be determined.

RF-8502 Thickener

Rheology Modifier

RF-8502 is a crosslinked macromolecule emulsion thickener, co- polymerized by acrylate and methacrylate.

It has acidic groups, high molecular weight, and high thickening efficiency.

It also has excellent anti-sedimentation, mold resistant and mil- dew resistant, resulting in long-term viscosity stability.

RF-8502 is easy to use, suitable to be used as the thickener in in- terior and exterior wall latex paints, emulsion paint, textile coat- ings, textile printing, pigment printing, pressure sensitive adhe- sives emulsion, and so on.

• Mold resistant and mildew resistant

• Very quick thickening effect

• Excellent anti-sedimentation

• Adjust the pH of the paint to 8-9 before using the thickener

RF-8008A Thickener
RF-8008A is a water-based thickener with strong
thickening ability, anti-settlement and easy to use. Suitable
for coating printing, fabric coating and other coating thickening.
•Strong thickening ability and fast speed
• Fast paste speed and good rheology
Good compound performance with adhesive
Environmentally friendly, APEO free