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Leveling agent

Leveling agent

RF-C2020 Non-ionic solvent-free associative polyurethane leveling agent

RF-C2020 is a non-ionic, solvent-free, hydrophobic modified polyurethane leveling agent that can effectively improve high
shear viscosity, impart excellent flow and leveling properties, gloss presentation and improve film formation for interior and exterior wall coatings.

Designed for a wide range of coating formulations, RF-C2020 canbe used to formulate interior and exterior paints from matte to
high-gloss, with excellent performance in styrene propylene, pure propylene and acetate propylene systems, providing particularly
excellent leveling and film fullness. RF-C2020 has a strong association effect with the surface of emulsion particles, so it has a
certain thickening effect on fine particle size emulsions.

RF-C2020 has excellent formulation compatibility with cellulose thickeners and alkali swelling thickeners, allowing paint designers
to freely choose cellulose thickeners and alkali swelling thickeners according to the required properties.
Not recommended to use RF-C2020 alone as a thickener, but as arheology modifier to obtain excellent flowability
• Effectively improve high shear viscosity, excellent brush retention, film fullness, splash resistance, water resistance and
water separation resistance. 
• Free of organic volatiles, can be used in low odor and low VOC coatings, providing high gloss
Anti-microbial and anti-mildew

Anti-microbial and anti-mildew
Solid content%  20%
pH  7.0±1
Brookfield viscosity< 3000 centipoise (25°C)
Chemical composition  non-ionic
Solvent  Water

Recommended use level for typical applications are shown below:
RF-C2020 adds 0.5~2.0% to the total amount of paint (finished form), the specific dosage should be subject to the experiment;
RM-2020 can be added directly, slowly added under low speed stirring; It is recommended to add the emulsion before adding it
for high gloss presentation.

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