Water based adhesive for carton package laminate Wholesale


Water based adhesive for carton package laminate

Water based adhesive for carton package laminate 

RF-8688 Paper plastic adhesive
Self-crosslinking water-based anionic resin emulsion
RF-8688 is a water-based acrylic paper plastic coating, suitable for BOPP film, PP film and printed color paper dry coating process.
The product has the advantages of fast drying speed, good parallel flow, high bonding strength and large tensile force, and is widely
used in food and non-food paper-plastic packaging materials.
1. water-based acrylic adhesive, non-toxic, pollution-free, good safety;
2. the product is a single component, easy to operate, high peeling strength, good transparency;
3. suitable for medium and high speed coating, good economy;
4. coating amount (dry glue) 4.0~6.0g/m2, coating temperature 65~90℃;

White Milky Liquid
Solid Content, wt %  42.0 ± 1
pH ( 20C 7.0 - 9.0
Viscosity, ( brookfieldLV,spindle 1@ 60 rpm,25C)  100 cps
Ionicity  Anionic

RF-8688 Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive can be used in both blade coating process and dip coating process. Add the suitable
amount ofthickener according to the specific requirements of coatings, and stir well before using. After the coating is applied, please
heat for 60-90 seconds at a high temperature of 130- 150°C.

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