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 RF--A8580C Defoamer
RF-A8580C Originating oil-based non-refined surfactant
compositional foam control agent, free of VOCs, free of armor,
free of heat-based polymer (APEO), high versatility, fast and long
foam breaking speed effect.
• Rapid defoaming and long-term effectiveness.
• Unacceptable temperature and pressure effects.
• Naturally effective in acidic and harsh environments.
Application Construction paint Water-based industrial lacquer Water-based
wood lacquer Water-based viscosity agent Water-based oil ink

860SA Defoamer

RF-A860SA is a 100% active liquid defoamer, specially developed for emulsion adhesives, optimized for high potency, durability and compatibility. The product has also been proven to be effective in screen applications.

  The defoaming efficiency and compatibility achieve an excellent balance

  Suitable for water-based coatings, emulsion polymerization and water-based adhesives;

•   suitable for a variety of water-based systems. 

RF-A810S Defoamer
RF-A810S It is a mineral oil defoamer with molecular level
defoamer. It has good defoaming effect as well as wetting effect.
• High-efficiency defoamer, fast foam breaking speed,
outstanding effect on breaking micro-foam, has a certain
wetting effect, the paint film is moist and plump, and has
high flatness;
• recommended for JS waterproof coating, latex, ink and
glue system;
• moreover, it is recommended to be used in the fields of
textile printing glue treatment and other fields;
• Excellent anti-foaming performance, excellent
compatibility, can be used in water-based wood paint,
water-based industrial paint and other fields that require
extremely high paint film appearance.

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