• The best means of dust - proof emulsion

    The best means of dust - proof emulsion

    Dust Transportation highway, especially mine transport of sand or gravel roads, for the vehicle to produce air suction, blowing up a lot of dust, tiny dust particles suspended in the road, causing air pollution, for the road dust, spray at home and abroad mainly take fresh water or salt water, solu... read more

    Jan 14-2021 Industry News
  • Mine dust

    Mine dust

    Most of the dust generated by mining activities includes coarse particles (about 40%) and particles larger than PM10. These particles are generated by natural activities, such as drag shovel or shovel that cause mechanical interference with rocks and soil materials, bulldozing, blasting, and soil Ve... read more

    Jan 13-2021 News
  • Product introduction of flame retardant

    Product introduction of flame retardant

    Feature Flame retardants are also divided into many types according to different processing methods and practical uses. Among them, inorganic flame retardants are a relatively common type of chemical flame retardants. The advantages of inorganic flame retardants include good thermal stability, non-v... read more

    Jan 13-2021 Industry News
  • What is the EVA

    What is the EVA

    What is the EVA? Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is the thermoplastic resins produced by the co-polymerization process of ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer in a high-pressure reactor. They are used for thermoplastic extrusion, film compounding, and foam molding. In the woodworking industry, EVA copolymers a... read more

    Jan 12-2021 News
  • Learn more about nitrile

    Learn more about nitrile

    Nitrile gloves Nitrile is an organic compound synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene.Colorless transparent liquid is a key raw material for organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates. Nitrile gloves are an excellent combination of mechanical strength and chemical resistance, and are a... read more

    Jan 12-2021 Industry News