• Flammability testing of curtains and drapes

    Flammability testing of curtains and drapes

      Flammability testing of curtains and drapes Considering test methods used to assess the fire resistance of curtains, drapes and window blinds. While the term ‘curtain’ can be used in a variety of situations, it is defined for this purpose as a large piece of fabric hung up as a screen – often... read more

    Jun 09,2020 Industry News
  • How flame retardancy works

    How flame retardancy works

    Fire safety is the most significant technical requirement of an interior textile. Fabrics that perform well in potentially dangerous situations can help to ensure that buildings and interiors are safe places to work, socialise and live. But it’s not always that simple and there are many elements tha... read more

    Jun 06,2020 Industry News
  • What is acrylic waterproof coating?

    What is acrylic waterproof coating?

    Acrylic waterproof coating is a one-component water emulsion type waterproof coating made of pure acrylic polymer emulsion as a base and adding other additives. Main feature 1. Wettable construction; 2. Using water as a dispersion medium, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting to the environment, it... read more

    Jun 04,2020 News
  • What is the role of flame retardants?

    What is the role of flame retardants?

    Flame retardant is a chemical additive that plays an important role in industry, life and other fields. It can suppress the flammability of materials and achieve the ideal flame retardancy of materials. The safety of people's lives and property also brings a guarantee. The specific role of flame ret... read more

    Apr 10,2020 News
  • Coating characteristics

    Coating characteristics

    In order to meet the requirements of coating manufacturing and construction technology, the synthetic resin for coating needs to have the following characteristics: ① The dispersing medium for coatings has good solubility or dispersibility. ② Has excellent film-forming properties and specific coatin... read more

    Apr 03,2020 News