What is the need to use defoamer?

Update:The use of defoaming agent is necessary, and defoaming agent can prevent and reduce the foam produced by production capa...
Summary:Oct 24,2022
The use of defoaming agent is necessary, and defoaming agent can prevent and reduce the foam produced by production capacity and production environment. Below, ZHEJIANG RUICO ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. lists the hazards of foam, you Just know how much defoamers have an impact on life.

1. The production capacity is greatly limited: such as various fermentation tanks, reactors, cooking tanks and other equipment in various biological fermentation (beer production, alcohol production, production of major antibiotics in medicine...), in order to prevent the appearance of foam and prevent For overflow losses, the feeding coefficient should be greatly reduced, sometimes less than 30%.

2. Waste of raw materials and products: Due to the foam, it can cause the loss of useful or valuable raw materials due to overflow, and the resulting waste is self-evident. For example, the filling process of paper mills, sugar mills, and the oiling process of weaving processes of textile mills often cause overflow due to foam.

3. Prolonged reaction cycle: Since the chemical reaction products include gas and liquid, the foam will cause gas stagnation, prolong the reaction cycle, and consume more power unnecessarily. And if the wine is fermented due to the presence of foam, the reaction is over-reacted and the taste is stale.

4. Affect product quality: In the process of dyeing, printing and water-based coatings in the textile industry, due to the retention of air bubbles, spots and defects on the finished cloth are caused; the foam of pulp slurry is not only harmful to the environment and workers' health, but also the finished paper. Many holes will appear, resulting in a serious decline in product quality.

5. It is not conducive to accurate measurement: in the industrial process, due to the existence of foam, it interferes with the accurate measurement of the liquid level meter, resulting in measurement errors. Due to the existence of foam in the liquid, the liquid density fluctuates greatly, which can often cause the reaction kettle to absorb The liquid level of the tower distillation tower is falsely high, resulting in an unbalanced operation and even an accident.

6. One of the reasons for polluting the environment and causing accidents: Due to the overflow of foam, it will inevitably pollute the production environment and its surrounding environment, and some even cause major accidents. For example, an oil refinery in the United States caused a major fire and suffered heavy losses due to the overflow of residual oil foam. It not only caused waste, but also caused serious losses to people's lives and properties.

In addition, there are also the application of new technologies such as high-temperature jet dyeing and overflow dyeing in dyeing, which cannot be realized without solving the problem of foam. Another example is the now very popular washing machine, if the problem of no foaming and low foaming of washing powder and detergent is not solved, then the washing machine cannot be so popularized and applied. These are far from all the hazards of bubbles, but they are enough to see its seriousness.

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