What is the difference between intumescent fire retardant coating and non-intumescent fire retardant coating?

Update: People who are often exposed to fire retardant coatings should know that fire retardant coatings include intumescent fi...
People who are often exposed to fire retardant coatings should know that fire retardant coatings include intumescent fire retardant coatings and non-expandable fire retardant coatings. So are there other differences between the two besides the literal difference between expansion and non-expansion?



First, the concept is different.
Intumescent fireproof coating is a kind of foaming gas generated in the coating when the coating is heated to a certain temperature, which expands the coating to form a foamed carbon insulating layer, which isolates the flame from the base layer and prevents the base layer from reaching Special coatings with ignition temperature and destruction temperature.
Non-intumescent fire retardant coatings include two types, namely: flame retardant fire retardant coatings and non-flammable fire retardant coatings.
Flame retardant fire retardant coatings include latex fire retardant coatings and fire retardant coatings containing flame retardant additives. For latex fire retardant coatings, the latex itself is a flame retardant substance. After adding some inorganic pigments, it forms a fire retardant coating containing flame retardant additives. Most of the fire retardant coatings first use halogen to make the base material flame-retardant, and then add the flame retardant. On the one hand, the fire retardant coating containing the flame retardant is due to its flame retardancy, on the other hand, due to the interaction of these additives with the base material , And has fire resistance.
Non-combustible fire-retardant coatings are mainly inorganic coatings. This kind of coating is a completely non-combustible fire-retardant coating by adding some inorganic pigments and ingredients to the inorganic base material. This kind of coating also has water resistance, poor decoration and difficult Shortcomings such as curing need to be resolved.


Second, the difference in thermal insulation performance.
From the perspective of thermal insulation performance, intumescent fire retardant coatings are superior to non-intumescent fire retardant coatings.
Similarities: Compared with non-intumescent coatings, both intumescent fire retardant coatings have an inhibitory effect on flames.