What are the common sense of wear resistance of polyurea?

Update:1. The chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of polyureaGenerally speaking, the polyurea anticorrosive acid withi...
1. The chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of polyurea
Generally speaking, the polyurea anticorrosive acid within 10%, alkali and salt within 50% can basically withstand it. The media mentioned above are all solutions at room temperature, or atmospheric conditions throughout the year. 
The surface of carbon steel is sandblasted to remove rust, matched with the corresponding primer, and then sprayed with polyurea. Its anti-corrosion ability has been verified for a long time. 
However, an important indicator related to the anti-corrosion ability is the thickness of the coating. The coating is too thin to achieve long-term anti-corrosion effects. For anti-corrosion applications, the design thickness is usually 2mm. 

2. The wear resistance of polyurea, whether there are classified materials
Generally speaking, the wear resistance of polyurea, pure Taber wear data, although it is equivalent to wear-resistant carbon steel, but because it is an elastic material, it can well buffer the wear medium (such as mineral powder) Impact, in actual use, is much better than carbon steel in wear resistance.
The application of polyurea in the field of wear resistance is mostly used in water environments, such as mineral pulp. The corresponding mining machines are: magnetic separators, glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral chutes, flotation machines, vibrating screens, and so on.
On the surface of concrete, polyurea is also often used as a wear-resistant coating design, such as household garbage pools, which are worn out by garbage for a long time.

3. Mechanical indicators of polyurea
The polyurea that meets the GBT23446-2009 national standard II type has excellent mechanical properties. Although it is not as good as cast polyurethane elastomers, its comprehensive indicators are also very good. It has also been widely used in the field of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, such as Sedimentation tanks and other solid-liquid media pools, etc. The bond strength of the correct application is also excellent. For example, the adhesion force of more than 10MPa can be obtained on the surface of carbon steel, and the adhesion force of more than 2.5MPa can be obtained on the surface of concrete.

4. Construction requirements, construction standards, and construction plans
Some construction specifications related to polyurea can be referred to. For example, HGT 20273-2011 spray-type polyurea protective material coating engineering technical specifications, a project, a specific construction plan must be fully communicated, such as new equipment, old equipment, whether the construction site belongs to a high humidity area, etc. Factor constraints.