• What is acrylic?

    What is acrylic?

    Acrylic Acid High-elastic waterproof coating is a high-performance waterproof coating made of high-grade acrylic emulsion as the base material, adding a variety of additives and fillers through scientific processing. It is an upgraded product of ordinary waterproof coatings. Due to the addition of a... read more

    Aug 31,2020 News
  • NBR China supplier

    NBR China supplier

    NBR China supplier Butadiene-Acrylonitrile Latex (NBR Latex) is a kind of high-polymer dispersion emulsion polymerized by freeradical emulsion through advanced techniques. As a white thick emulsion in appearance, it is of good oil resistance, and applied for oil resistant products, including oil res... read more

    Aug 29,2020 News
  • Medical Grade NBR LATEX

    Medical Grade NBR LATEX

    Medical Grade NBR LATEX Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) latex is a type of synthetic latex in liquid form with milky color. It’s a part of unsaturated acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymers family. NBR latex properties include excellent tensile strength and good resistance to various oils including m... read more

    Aug 29,2020 News
  • Ruico Thickner

    Ruico Thickner

    Thickener is a substance that can increase the viscosity of latex and liquid. It can increase the viscosity of the system and keep the system in a uniform and stable suspension or turbid state, or form a gel. Most thickeners also have emulsification. It has the characteristics of small dosage, obvio... read more

    Aug 29,2020 News
  • Textile Emulsion

    Textile Emulsion

        Acrylic polymer emulsion is widely used in paint printing, electrostatic flocking, fabric laminating, warp sizing and coating processing. Various acrylic esters with different properties are also used for different usages due to the difference in raw materials and formula.   RF-94... read more

    Aug 29,2020 Industry News