The Styrene acrylic emulsion is better for paint than pure acrylic

Update:The paint is coated on the surface of the object to be protected or decoration, and can be coated to form a continuous f...

The paint is coated on the surface of the object to be protected or decoration, and can be coated to form a continuous film firmly attached, usually in resin or oil, or emulsion, adding or not adding pigment, filler, adding additives, viscous liquid with organic solvent or water prepared.


Styrene acrylic emulsion is a styrene modified acrylic emulsion copolymer emulsion coating. It is partially or completely substituted for methyl methacrylate in the pure acrylic emulsion. Because the polystyrene chains incorporated in the copolymer, which can improve the water resistance of the coating, alkali resistance, hardness, anti fouling and anti pulverization properties, but also overcomes the inflammable and explosive, toxic, pollution, the coating for cement mortar, cement mortar, wood concrete substrate, coating, it can be made of mortar paint and cement paint, used as exterior wall coatings and Waterborne Antirust latex paint, visible, the styrene acrylic emulsion used widely.In addition to versatility, cost is another significant advantage. The price of styrene is lower than chemicals found in the acrylate family. That makes styrene-acrylic polymers cost-effective alternatives to pure acrylics.

Another important property of styrene-acrylic polymers is their high glass transition temperature. As a result, they tend to be durable and exhibit good abrasion resistance and good mechanical properties. Other properties of styrene-acrylic emulsion polymers include:

1.Good weatherability and good stain resistance

2.Broad tensile/elongation balance

3.Ability to crosslink

4.High pigment-binding capacity

5.Ideal gloss, film strength, and resistance to removal by detergents

6.Good adhesion to common substrates, including galvanized steel, aluminum and wood

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