Dust control is necessary to protect environment

Update:   Dust prevention in mine road transportation refers to the technical measures for dust suppression during road transpo...


Dust prevention in mine road transportation refers to the technical measures for dust suppression during road transportation in mines. Usually, when a car is driving, a large amount of dust on the road is drawn into the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution along the highway. The environmental pollution caused by road transportation in mines is more serious, and the reason is that the mine cargo is loaded with rock soil and ore in bulk. It contains a lot of dust, which is easy to scatter and fly. The transportation volume is large, and heavy trucks are often used. The rolling force of the wheels is large, which is easy to damage the road and raise dust. Therefore, road transportation in mines is one of the main sources of air pollution in mining areas. Prevention measures include road dust prevention, automobile dust prevention, and construction of road protection forest belts.


Road dust prevention mainly includes:

(1) Repair the damaged road in time. Clean regularly and keep the road tidy.

(2) Use sprinklers or use sprinklers installed on the water supply pipes on both sides of the road to regularly spray water on the road surface to keep the road surface moist and increase the adhesion of the powder to prevent the dust from flying. This is a conventional dust suppression method, but the effective dust suppression time of this method is short, the water consumption is large, the wheel wears quickly, the effect is not good, and is restricted by the season, so there is a tendency to be replaced by dust stickies.

(3) Use powdery materials such as calcium chloride with strong hygroscopicity to spread on the wet pavement, or mix in the pavement layer. Calcium chloride solution can also be used to spray the road regularly. Adopting this kind of hygroscopic dust sticking agent can improve the dust suppression effect and prolong the effective dust suppression time.

(4) Treat the road surface with emulsions such as carbonized lignin and asphalt. The effective dust suppression time of this method can reach 20-30 days, and the dust suppression efficiency is 80%-89%. In addition, some countries are developing new "road mat" materials


RF-8130A Dust Suppressant Copolymer Resin Emulsion. is a water-soluble emulsion resin copolymerized by vinyl acetate emulsion. The outstanding characteristics of this product are lower glass conversion temperature (Tg), excellent chemical stability, high resistance to alkalinity.

RF-8130A Dust suppressant is an environmentally friendly, versatile liquid soil additive. It is mixed with magnesium and lignin used to control and man- age different soil conditions. In sufficient quantities, RF-8130A dust suppressant can effectively eliminate or prevent the following problems: paved and unpaved roadbed damage, dust pollution.



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