Do you know everything about paint additives?

Update: Coating additives, also known as paint accessories, are auxiliary materials for the preparation of coatings, which can ...
Coating additives, also known as paint accessories, are auxiliary materials for the preparation of coatings, which can improve coating properties and promote coating film formation. There are many types, including driers, tougheners, emulsifiers, thickeners, pigment dispersants, defoamers, leveling agents, anti-skinning agents, matting agents, light stabilizers, anti-mold agents, and antistatic agents Wait.
Coating additives are indispensable components of coatings, which can improve the production process, maintain storage stability, improve construction conditions, improve product quality, and give special functions. Reasonable and correct selection of additives can reduce costs and improve economic benefits.



After years of development, there are many types of coating additives, and they play different roles in various stages of coating production.
The manufacturing stage includes: initiator, dispersant, transesterification catalyst;
The reaction process includes: defoamer, emulsifier, filter aid, etc.;
The storage stage includes: anti-skinning agent, anti-sedimentation agent, thickener, thixotropic agent, anti-floating and blooming agent, anti-gelling agent, etc.;
The construction stage includes: leveling agent, anti-cratering agent, anti-sagging agent, hammer grain additives, flow control agent, plasticizer, defoamer, etc.;
Film formation stages include coalescence aids, adhesion promoters (also called adhesion promoters), photoinitiators, light stabilizers, drying, gloss enhancement, slippage, matting, curing, crosslinking, catalysis and other additives ;
Give special functions: flame retardant, biocidal, anti-algae, anti-static, conductive, anti-rust and other additives.

Generally speaking, according to its purpose, it includes adhesion promoters, anti-blocking agents, anti-crater agents, anti-floating agents, anti-floating agents, defoamers, foam inhibitors, anti-gelling agents, viscosity stabilizers, Antioxidant, anti-skinning agent, anti-sagging agent, anti-precipitation agent, antistatic agent, conductivity control agent, antifungal agent, preservative, coalescence aid, rust inhibitor, dispersant, wetting agent, catalyst Drying agent, flame retardant, flow control agent, hammer grain additives, flow drying agent, matting agent, light stabilizer, photosensitizer, optical brightener, plasticizer, slip agent, anti-scratch agent, thickening Agents, thixotropic agents, other additives.

In addition to the main film-forming substances, pigments, fillers, and solvents, a component added to the paint that can significantly improve the specific properties of the paint or film. The amount used in the coating formulation is very small. Mainly a variety of inorganic compounds and organic compounds, including high molecular polymers.
Most of its names are named according to its function characteristics. Wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers, defoamers, etc. can improve the coating production process. Anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents, preservatives, freeze-thaw stabilizers, etc. can be used to improve coating storage performance and transportation. Anti-sagging agents, leveling agents, anti-floating and blooming agents, defoamers, thickeners, etc. can be used to improve coating performance and prevent morbidity of paint film. There are ultraviolet absorbers, light stabilizers, flame retardants, antistatic agents, anti-fungal agents, etc. that improve the performance of the coating film and give special properties.