Cementing with cement fluid loss agent

Update:Introduction For more than 20 years, fluid loss control agents have been added to oil-well cement slurries and it is no...
For more than 20 years, fluid loss control agents have been added to oil-well cement slurries and it is now recognized in the industry that the quality of cementing jobs has significantly improved. Indeed, it is generally clearly acknowledged that a lack of fluid loss control may be responsible for primary cementing failures, due to excessive density increase or annulus bridging and that formation invasion by cement filtrate may be deleterious to the production. With respect to squeeze-cementing, the problem is to adjust the level of fluid-loss to perforation size and formation nature. However, both for primary and remedial cementing very little has been written to justify the level of fluid loss control really required to achieve a good cement job. To address properly the quantitative evaluation of fluid loss limits compatible with successful cementing operations, two different stages have to be considered, first, placement or dynamic stage and then, waiting-on-cement or static stage. During the first stage, the slurry is flowing and eroding the cement cake which, after a short transient period, stops growing. In contrast, when the pumping is stopped the cake can grow freely.
RF-9606 is an aqueous polymer copolymer dispersion made of butadiene, styrene and unsaturated carboxylic acid through emulsion polymerization.
High stability, good compatibility with cement slurry, and good adhesion between oily and watery interfaces. After the hydration of the latex cement slurry is completed, a dense non-permeable system can be formed to effectively control water loss. It can improve the elasticity and compressive strength of cement stone, and effectively reduce the fracture of cement surface during perforation. It can improve the ability of cement stone to resist fluid corrosion in wells and improve the durability of cement stone.
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