Aqueous adhesive for Flexible packaging solutions


Flexible packaging solutions have been available for a […]

Flexible packaging solutions have been available for a number of years, but innovation is allowing the industry to develop improved functional solutions. Today, the marketplace is seeing tremendous growth with film-faced pouches. These flexible packaging solutions are able to effectively communicate a brand message, address environmental concerns and increase the bottom line.


More brands are moving toward sustainable packaging so that they can meet consumer demand, stay ahead of regulations and be environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to single-use packaging.

Stand-up pouches are a fast-growing format within the flexible packaging arena. They aren’t just more convenient for consumers and create more billboard space for brands, they require less energy to manufacture and the carbon footprint is lower than that of a rigid container. For example, consider the number of rigid style containers that can be shipped compared to flexible pouches on a truck.

Converters can also see an environmental benefit. In addition to having polyester (PET) facestocks on labels, pouches allow for fewer packaging components than alternative methods, and they offer a bonus: less work to package a product. No inventory of plastic bottles, lids, seals, etc. With stand-up pouches, co-packers can position a roll of printed laminated structure on the packaging line and very quickly produce a finished product ready to go on the shelf, at a lower cost to market.


The containment topic begins with functionality. Can the package be formatted for different shapes; can you position a zipper on it? Is it puncture-proof? Creating structures that have simple tear-offs designed to open the container easier is a must. Consumers also want a resealable package that is easy to store, and retailers want better product awareness with 360 degrees of billboard space for branding. Combining that with wanting to preserve the product, the solution comes down to marrying the application and ingredients to the structure.

Adaptable to Digital Printing

Digital printing has grown in recent years, driven by industry demands for shorter runs, more customized packaging, greater sustainability and the need to help products stand out even more. Digital printing provides consumer goods companies the ability to implement high-impact graphics for maximum branding and shelf appeal. As consumers continue to look for better experiences, digital printing can help by offering customization on a large or small scale. The branding is consistent on each package, but each impression can be slightly different and unique, offering personalized packaging with names or other individual aspects.  

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