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Traditionally, powder was used to facilitate the releas […]

Traditionally, powder was used to facilitate the release of gloves from formers during gloves forming in the manufacturing process and also to aid the donning of the gloves. However, it was found that powdered gloves posed a potential health risk to users who are sensitive to latex protein by way of powder being carrier of latex protein or contamination of surgical wounds. As a result, powder-free technology has been developed involving either chlorination or polymer coating, or a combination of both.


Chlorination has been one of the most popular methods of manufacturing gloves that don easily for the user without the addition of powder. It is a process whereby the rubber surface is exposed to chlorine solution with low concentration and rinsed with ammonia, water and other chemicals in order to reduce surface tackiness and remove most of the powder deposited on the glove surfaces.

As gloves are made from natural rubber or synthetic materials with a relatively high degree of surface friction that make them difficult to don, the chlorination process improves donability by decreasing the surface friction of the gloves.

Polymer Coating

Polymer coating on the glove surfaces eases the donning and removal of gloves. Polymer coatings are applied either to the outer surface of the glove or to both outer and inner surfaces.

Acrylic polymer is the main ingredient in the polymer coating process to coat the inner and outer surface of the gloves. These acrylic coatings are based on acrylate polymers that have elastic properties.

RF-8848 is a modified acrylic copolymers emulsion, specially used for dipping coating as the inner lining of nitrile gloves.

The outstanding characteristics of this product are super soft, excellent chemical stability, high resistance to dinning.

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