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  • What is the knowledge about Polyurea Coating?

    Whether you are looking for a coating for your patio, driveway, or any other area, polyurea is an excellent choice. It provides a protective coating that is durable, nontoxic, and resistant to impact....

  • What are the Types of Construction Fireproof Coating?

    Various types of construction fireproof coating are available for different applications. These include spray-applied fire resistant materials, fireproof paint and intumescent coatings.The choice of c...

  • What are the knowledge introductions of Fiberglass Mesh Binder?

    RF-9601/02/03 is a carboxylated self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer that is specially developed to coat fiberglass mesh. It has excellent tensile strength and soft hand feeling. It can be us...

  • What about Peelable Protection Gel?

    Peelable protection gels are highly versatile coatings that offer high levels of protection for a variety of surfaces. RF-8888 Peelable Protection Gel is a one-component viscous liquid that has excell...



Zhejiang Ruico Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a China and , listed in China on 2019, specialized in . Ruico is a national high-tech enterprise, Passed ISO9001 quality management system, have provincial-level R&D center, All products including Polymer comply with OEKO-TEX, REACH, ROSH, EN71-3 and international flame retardant standards. Ruico has established five centers including technology center, marketing center, production center, purchasing center and financial center; designing individualized solutions for customers, and implementing one-stop services.