Fiberglass mesh coating

Fiberglass mesh coating

Styrene Acrylic Polymer Emulsion

RF-301 is a self-crosslinking styrene acrylic polymer emulsion specially developed for use as positioning adhesive of fiberglass mesh. It offers high performance, excellent positioning functions,

as well as a soft to moderate hand with good elasticity.

  • A unique formulation help to achieve good permeability and high binding force
  • High water and alkali resistance
  • Self-crosslinking
  • Excellent positioning function
  • Soft hand
  • Good elasticity

RF-301 positioning adhesive for fiberglass can be used alone, or physically blended with other hard polymer emulsion of Ruico according to customers’ requirements. Using dip coating process,

the suggesting oven temperature is 140-160°c and the recommended speed is 16-20 m/min.