what is Packaging film compound glue Wholesale

what is Packaging film compound glue

Flexible packaging composites were mainly used in food packaging but now they were widely introduced to medical packaging, industrial packaging, building materials packaging and cosmetic packaging. The applications range of flexible packing composites is widely increase and the usage amount is also significantly growing. In order to meet the quality and efficiency in different packaging products, environmentally friendly, lightweight and highly functional composite materials are constantly being developed. The composite plastic film is thinner, stronger, and has better performance in barrier and temperature resistance than single-layer plastic film in the same thickness.
Most of the flexible packaging composites are made by multi-layer fitting or laminating. Recently, they have been developed many kinds of composites packaging materials: plastic film/plastic film, paper/plastic film, paper/aluminum foil/plastic film, plastic film/inorganic oxide/plastic film, and others.
Common compound flexible packaging composite technologies are solvent-free laminating technology, dry and wet lamination, and extrusion composite. Solvent-free laminating technology, flexography, and coextruded composite are the top three eco-friendly technology in international flexible packaging field, and solvent-free laminating technology is the environmentally friendly technology, which obtains new function by bonding polyurethane adhesive with different substrates by curing reaction.

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