Acrylic polymer binder for hydroseeding hydromulching Wholesale

Acrylic polymer binder for hydroseeding hydromulching

Hydroseeding or hydromulching (same-same) is a process where mulch is mixed with seed, fertilizer, tacktifier (glue) and soil amendments to create a slurry that is sprayed onto bare soil.

The first step involves spraying the soil with a water solution of seed and fertiliser — which is the hydroseeding solution. This part of the procedure ensures seed-to-soil contact.

The second step requires the spreading of a slurry composed of a robust and non-rewetting binder, organic mulch, and water. This slurry is what we term as the BFM.

In essence, the BFM is a heavy-duty hydromulching growth medium. By applying the hydroseeding solution first and adding the BFM second, this two-step hydromulching process achieves a much stronger bonding performance.

RF-8130A is a biodegradable acrylic polymer chemical that is cost-effective and durable. The chemical compound helps retain large amounts of water in the hydroseed mulch and has very hydrating properties. This means that instead of gluing the mulch to the soil, as seen in plant-based tackifiers such as guar and plantago, it actually causes the particles to swell and conglomerate, making them bigger and heavier instead of tacking them down.

This creates a better environment for the seeds to take root and grow, whereas guar and plantago both lose their tackiness relatively quickly, leading to erosion. RF-8130A is therefore more durable than its competitors, making it more cost-effective. PAM is also considered better at holding slopes and you will need to use considerably less RF-8130A than guar over a large application due to its hydrating properties..