What are the products that solve the problem of waterborne polyurethane products?

Update:We are now introducing a series of polyurethane resins into polyurethane leather, polyurethane finishing agents, polyure...
We are now introducing a series of polyurethane resins into polyurethane leather, polyurethane finishing agents, polyurethane adhesives, shoe soles, polyurethane coatings, and inks. Through the engineer's comparative test, we found that it can solve the existing problems of water-based PU and oil-based PU products. all kinds of problems. Now the series of products are introduced as follows:

1. Adhesive:
This series of products are modified silicone cross-linking agents, which can enhance the adhesion between different substrates for synthetic leather and polyurethane coating materials, thereby correspondingly improving finishing and adhesion, and at the same time bringing hydrolysis resistance and smoothness. Feel. Can replace toxic polyaziridine crosslinkers.

2. Wetting agent:
This series of products are designed to improve the wettability between polyurethane coating materials and between polyurethane coating materials and different substrates, and can also be used as cell regulators and leveling agents for polyurethane synthetic leather.

3. Pore homogenizer:
This range of products is mainly used to increase the myogenicity of the coating, thereby improving the final feel and surface flow of the leather. This series of products does not contain hydroxyl and can be used as an effective wetting agent and pore homogenizer.

4. Leveling agent:
This series of products can impart smoothness to the surface of polyurethane synthetic leather. In the wet process, the surface moisture permeability and leveling of the bass are improved; in the dry process, the anti-stickiness and silky feel of the PU leather are improved.

5. Cell regulator:
This series of products is designed for cell control in the process of wet-process polyurethane slurry leather forming, and the cell structure is from vertical to uniform round cells.
It also has a defoaming effect, providing a smooth skin or bass layer.

6. PU resin modifier:
This series of products contains active groups, which are polyether-terminated or hydroxyl-terminated silicone modifiers, which can directly participate in the slurry synthesis reaction, and can also be added as functional additives to give polyurethane synthetic leather bass and surface layer better performance. Moisture permeability, air permeability, better low temperature flexibility, better anti-adhesion, higher abrasion resistance, excellent surface smoothness, cell stability or excellent processability. At the same time, it has good compatibility with polar solvents, non-polar solvents, polyols and isocyanates.