How to use waterproof material on construction ?

Update: In building construction, roof coverings, siding, and foundations must all be waterproof. Roofing materials are usually...

In building construction, roof coverings, siding, and foundations must all be waterproof. Roofing materials are usually waterproof and are designed to prevent water from entering the sloping roof, but under conditions such as ice dams and flat roofs, the roof must be waterproof. Many types of waterproofing membrane systems can be used, including asphalt or tar-containing felt or tar paper for building roofs, other ethylene propylene diene monomer EPDM rubbers, hypolon, polyvinyl chloride, liquid roofs, etc.

The walls are not exposed to static water, and the waterproof membrane used as housing packaging is designed to be porous enough to allow moisture to escape. Moisture resistance is another aspect of waterproofing. The moisture-proof layer of the masonry wall can prevent the rise of moisture. The foundation concrete should be waterproofed with moisture-proof or liquid paint, and an underground waterproof membrane (usually polyethylene sheet) should be used.

In the waterproof industry, underground waterproofing is usually divided into two areas.

Water storage tank: When the underground structure is continuously or regularly above the groundwater level. Hydrostatic pressure will be generated on both the membrane and the structure, and the underground structure needs to be completely enclosed in the flat plate and the tank membrane under the wallboard.

Moisture resistance: When the local water level is lower than the structure and the filling with good drainage is good, use a waterproofing agent. The membrane can only deal with the release of water and the entry of water vapor, but cannot withstand the hydrostatic pressure. Usually, it incorporates a moisture barrier (DPM) in a wall with polyethylene DPM under the board. High-quality DPM provides some protection against short-term hydrostatic pressure by migrating high-quality wall DPM into the foundation instead of the flat polyethylene under the foundation surface.

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