How to use styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion for paint?

Update: The styrene acrylic emulsion is copolymerized by emulsification of styrene and acrylate monomers. Milk white liquid wit...

The styrene acrylic emulsion is copolymerized by emulsification of styrene and acrylate monomers. Milk white liquid with blue light. Styrene acrylic emulsion has good adhesion, transparent film, water resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. It is the main ingredient of waterborne coatings, Carpet Adhesives and process adhesives, and the market demand is very large.

Use of polymers with volatile organic solvents in many industries is one of the most important environmental pollutants. So many restrictions placed on its use in those industries. Resulting in the production of some species that is water based material (eco-friendly).

Co polymer of styrene acrylic emulsion is one of the eco-friendly materials which used in many industries such as the manufacture of paint, textile, paper, carpet industries, as well as petroleum industry, finally as on sand dune stabilization and road construction.

In Egypt, about 400 companies worked in the manufacture of paints registered in the Ministry of industry and more than 3,000 factories not registered. They are used co-polymer of styrene acrylic emulsion by 15-25% of the main composition of paint (the concentration of acrylic styrene emulsion is about40-50% solids).

Egypt consumes annually about 225,000 tons per year of acrylic styrene emulsion, while the local market satisfy about 5.000 tones / year, about 220,000 by importing.

Styrene acrylic emulsion is a styrene modified acrylic emulsion copolymer emulsion coating. It is partially or completely substituted for methyl methacrylate in the pure acrylic emulsion. Because the polystyrene chains incorporated in the copolymer, which can improve the water resistance of the coating, alkali resistance, hardness, anti fouling and anti pulverization properties, but also overcomes the inflammable and explosive, toxic, pollution, low cost than pure acrylic emulsion, the coating for cement mortar, cement mortar, wood concrete substrate, coating, it can be made of mortar paint and cement paint, used as exterior wall coatings and Waterborne Antirust latex paint, visible, the styrene acrylic emulsion used widely.

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