High-speed Rail Polyester Wadding Flame Retardant Adhesive


  With the development of world transportation, hi […]


With the development of world transportation, high-speed rail became one of important way to reach destination within short time. Thus, safety is the most important point when seating in the cabin. One aspect of keeping passengers safety is flame retardant.


RF-2097-4 acrylate copolymer is a phosphorus–nitrogen containing flame retardant emulsion. It is a flame retardant polyester wadding resin developed by our company based on air conditioning equipment, automotive and rail transit air filtration non-woven fabrics. It is suitable for flame retardant of air conditioning equipment, indoor public places, rail traffic air filtration nonwovens.


  • A unique formulation helps flame retardant emulsion to achieve good adhesion with various fibers. Spray coated nonwovenshave certain strength and toughness
  • Excellent flame retardancy, can stop burning when got away from fire during vertical flame test
  • After the fabric has been cured at high temperature, a permanent,washing resistant product can be obtained
  • Eco-friendly, low odor, low VOC, in compliance with environmental protection standards


Ruico flame retardant materials keep you safe everywhere.




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