Hard Adhesive For Coated Abrasives Abrasive Tools Acrylic Polymer Emulsion


  Coated abrasives refer to abrasives that adhere […]


Coated abrasives refer to abrasives that adhere abrasives to a flexible substrate with a binder, also known as flexible abrasives. 

The type of substrate is mainly paper, cloth, steel paper, composite substrate, non-woven fabric, polyester film, etc.

RF-8244 is acrylic emulsion, the dried film is hard and has toughness.

Suitable for lining, home decoration, medical inspection, cleaning cloth and other non-woven fabric coating with high requirements on toughness and washing resistance.

This product has high tensile strength, good resistance to washing and dry cleaning, has a certain toughness.

Non-woven cloth can form a tough film, mixed with other latex, can form a suitable hardness of the product, while maintaining high strength and high washing resistance.

RF-8244 can withstand high temperature yellowing.

High mechanical stability, can be sprayed, scratched, impregnated use. It has good compatibility with phenolic resin and can disperse evenly with resin.

Our products will help you to produce excellent abrasives.



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