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Update:RUICO is a Chinese leader in specialty water based polymer dispersions for adhesives and coatings. Our strategy is to of...

RUICO is a Chinese leader in specialty water based polymer dispersions for adhesives and coatings.

Our strategy is to offer our customers environmentally friendly products which will help them meet their local and global responsibilities, while maintaining high performance products.

Our focus is to continuously provide our customer with added value products and solutions which will place them at the cutting-edge of their field in terms of innovation, performance and market agility.

To reach these goals, we consist of a team of technical, market, production & logistics experts, which pursue customer satisfaction, based on long term partnership based on trust and continuous development.

Lamination adhesive for flexible packaging

Water based acrylic dispersions are used for dry and wet lamination to make film complexes for the flexible packaging industry, such as paper/aluminium, polyethylene/paper, OPP/paper. Good temperature, humidity and chemical resistance are required.Our products also meet FDA 175.105 and XXXV ½ BfR Clearance REQUIREMENTS. Typical applications are Snack packs, Medical and cosmetic sachets.

We offer the interior paint industry low VOC styrene acrylic dispersions to make acrylic and paints with silicate, terpolimer emulsions based on vinyl acetate and maleic acid ester, specially recommended for APEO free, satinated to high gloss paints.


Acrylic dispersions for interior paints

Aquapolymer has styrene acrylic emulsions with excellent alkali resistance, low VOC, good compatibility with fillers and mostly used in silicate paints. 


Acrylic dispersions for exterior paints

Aquapolymer also has pure acrylic emulsions used for the production of exterior paints, flexible coatings and wood paints.

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